Friday, March 4, 2011

Modern Technology

I am amazed! Modern Technology is so "FREAKIN AWESOME"
But I’m just wondering why I have been stuck in the stone ages.

I started this whole Etsy thing that got me into the whole twitter thing. I’m on twitter today just looking around trying to figure this thing out. I start typing names of people I know or knew. So I type one of my old school girls names (always wondered what happened to her) thinking I wont find her, she probably changed her name.  Well I was wrong she was on TWITTER. Very excited! O and she has a picture on twitter. It’s been around 21 years since I seen her, funny I always pictured her with lighter hair.

Well she was the same “always looked” good girl I remembered her as.  I am really amazed; it’s great to “see” old friends.

After reading her tweets, which by the way made me feel like I was invading her privacy, I was just curious as to what happened in 21 years, any kids, etc.

I then decided to look at who she followed to see if there were any other friends from way back then. I didn’t see anything that rang a bell, figured they changed their maiden names. Then a picture caught my eye.

Yep….. another junior high and high school friend.  So I start the same “stalking” (I swear I really didn’t like the feeling but again curiosity took over). She looked very good…..happy. I won’t mention names to protect every ones privacy but I’ll call her friend # 2. So friend # 2 is a photographer still in the tri-state area. Again I do the same routine looking at her followings. And I see she follows a famous wedding/gown designer. (Again sorry but no names)

WOW, what a small world.
This “designer” is a friend of my bosses. Whom I feel like yelling at when she calls “I am a perfect four, do you have any samples you might possible love to give me”, but I don’t think that would go over well with the boss man. Anyway it got me to thinking, does she know her and if she does could she have been photographing her work in her boutique possibly as the “designer” was on the phone with me. Interesting HUH!

My mind is spinning, so many questions.

1.      Where the hell has twitter been? O I mean why I didn’t venture into twitter land before.
2.      Do I try to contact these friends?
3.      How about if they don’t remember me?
4.      If I do contact them do I want to get into what’s been going on in the past 21 yrs?
5.      So on and so forth.

Guys help me out, what do you think? Should I contact them?