Monday, February 28, 2011

Do i need to hide out from ETSY hitmen?

Hi guys!
SO today started out very nice.
I received an email from one person (sweetleaf19) saying she featured my item yesterday in her treasury, that was very nice.
I received and email from another person (thedancingneedle) saying she featured me in her blog, that was nice also.
SO since it started out so great I decided I should push my first and only treasure "Tooth Fairy" since today is national tooth fairy day and my theme treasury. So I started trying to get the word out and came across a forum (OPPS sorry forgot to mention I’m talking about the website ETSY, and the individuals mentioned are their ETSY names) where they have business advice threads and so on. SO I decided at about this morning I should post a questions on “How to get Etsy Admin Attention", FOUR hours later no response. Not only did I get no response but I received no comments either. SO I’m looking around, reading threads and I come across one. "I have one unsatisfactory rating how I can correct that”.

52 SECONDS later he gets a response from an administrator answering his question.

O BOY.... my blood started to I am….. trying to ask "politely" and I can’t even get a “sorry don’t have time for your stupid question right now” and he gets a response in 52 SECONDS on how to kiss and make up. So I decide to comment to his thread with ……

This is very upsetting.... I posted a question HOURS ago...and no response from ETSY ADMIN.

It only took pmcookie 52 seconds.
Bravo pmcookie

Someone posted a thread response saying try to post your question again because they get in late and possibly missed your questions.

SO as I’m re-writing my thread, umm post, ummm whatever you call it…..I send it then go back to the previous post to see whats been said. SO an ETSY Admin posted that I could contact her personally.

OMG, I AM NOT KIDDING in 14 minutes I received 149 OTHER views to my treasury.

SO……o god! Sorry gotta run……stay tuned for the conclusions of “Etsy Hitmen”

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  1. I love your treasury! You have my vote for front page!!