Monday, February 28, 2011

Do i need to hide out from ETSY hitmen?

Hi guys!
SO today started out very nice.
I received an email from one person (sweetleaf19) saying she featured my item yesterday in her treasury, that was very nice.
I received and email from another person (thedancingneedle) saying she featured me in her blog, that was nice also.
SO since it started out so great I decided I should push my first and only treasure "Tooth Fairy" since today is national tooth fairy day and my theme treasury. So I started trying to get the word out and came across a forum (OPPS sorry forgot to mention I’m talking about the website ETSY, and the individuals mentioned are their ETSY names) where they have business advice threads and so on. SO I decided at about this morning I should post a questions on “How to get Etsy Admin Attention", FOUR hours later no response. Not only did I get no response but I received no comments either. SO I’m looking around, reading threads and I come across one. "I have one unsatisfactory rating how I can correct that”.

52 SECONDS later he gets a response from an administrator answering his question.

O BOY.... my blood started to I am….. trying to ask "politely" and I can’t even get a “sorry don’t have time for your stupid question right now” and he gets a response in 52 SECONDS on how to kiss and make up. So I decide to comment to his thread with ……

This is very upsetting.... I posted a question HOURS ago...and no response from ETSY ADMIN.

It only took pmcookie 52 seconds.
Bravo pmcookie

Someone posted a thread response saying try to post your question again because they get in late and possibly missed your questions.

SO as I’m re-writing my thread, umm post, ummm whatever you call it…..I send it then go back to the previous post to see whats been said. SO an ETSY Admin posted that I could contact her personally.

OMG, I AM NOT KIDDING in 14 minutes I received 149 OTHER views to my treasury.

SO……o god! Sorry gotta run……stay tuned for the conclusions of “Etsy Hitmen”

Friday, February 25, 2011

My treasury !!!

I am super SUPER excited. This is my first treasury.
I was waiting to vamp up (is that even a saying?) my store, start a facebook account, twitter account,  and all that good stuff before putting together my first treasury, BUT I didnt. I went backwords. 

Setting up a blog was also going to be one of the last things I did but after reading someones blog ( 202 designs on ETSY) I decided no time is better then the present time and just WENT FOR IT!.

Well back to my treasury, my tooth hurt the other day and it made me think about going to the dentist, being a kid, removing and losing teeth, etcccc....then it got me thinking if i go to the dentist and I need my wisdom tooth removed do i get to keep it? Can i take it home? Put it under my Pillow?
And if i can keep it and bring it home excatly WHO THE HELL is going to slip their hand under my pillow while pretending to give me a goodnight kiss and leave me money under my pillow. Even better, INFLATION, what was a dollar then is twenty dollars now. Exactly who is going to be my tooth fairy?

SO i go online and start researching contact information for a Tooth Fairy. You know, researching her mailing address, email address, phone number, any contact information I can find. I needed to tell her about my tooth dilema and maybe she has a waiting list I need to add my name to. So as im researching i see all of these diffferent items they didnt have when i was a kid.
Like a pillow to HOLD your tooth! You have got to be kidding me.
A tooth necklace......the fairy stole all my teeth, now i cant have a tooth necklace. I AM crushed.
A stained glass fairy.... she could have been with me all the time, i could imagine the sun hitting her and her reflection dancing around my room.
The fairy TUTU... I could have "played fairy" when i "played house" as  kid.

I am destrout, why ,O WHY wasnt I born 30 YEARS LATER.
I really really want a tooth pillow or a fairy tutu. There was no such thing when i was growing up.

So i decided if i cant have them tucked away in my brain memory and in "real life" i can have them tucked away in my computers memory and in my "web life".

So to make a long story longer, thats how i started my first ever treasury.

O yeah i almost forgot, as I was researching I came to find out that it's NATIONAL TOOTH FAIRY day on Feburay 28, 2011.